The focus of land and soil protection within EIA has been on the productive value of agricultural land. This does not adequately consider the full range of soil functions, ecosystem services and land use changes associated with urban development, including green spaces, wildlife habitats and community woodlands.

Chris Stapleton's article in the November 2019 edition of Transform proposed a new approach to reflect this change of focus. His subsequent Transform online article in June 2020 set out an initial methodology to implement this change.

Chris is a soil scientist, chartered planner and EIA manager. In this webinar he shared his experience and ideas as a specialist providing land and soil inputs to EIAs.

Webinar delegates discussed the methodology and exchanged ideas on the assessment of impacts on land and soil resources within EIA.


Land and Soil Inputs to EIA: Webinar slides - R, Howard, IEMA & C, Stapleton - CLICK HERE