Find out here what to expect from the application process, how long it should take and exactly what you will be required to do.

Assessment Overview

1. Online Exam one-hour and multiple choice, assessing that you have the level of knowledge required of a Practitioner member.
- Eligible to fast-track? If you have one of the qualifications outlined below, you can apply with exemption to the exam meaning you will fast-track straight to the written assessment of competence.

2. Written Assessment your opportunity to demonstrate you can apply your environment and sustainability knowledge and skills in the workplace, to the level required in the Practitioner standard.


  • Exemptions; if within the last three years you have completed either the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management course or an IEMA approved degree then you will be eligible to fast-track your application. When you apply, you’ll need to select that you are eligible to fast-track and upload a valid copy of your course/degree certificate that falls within this timeframe.
  • Exam versions; within the Practitioner standard the technical knowledge is split into environment and socio-economic. The environment version of the exam is assessed on the environment related learning outcomes. The sustainability version of the exam is assessed on the environment and socio-economic related learning outcomes. To view the learning outcomes, download a copy of the Practitioner member standard below.
  • Exam Schedule; exams are run on a month-by-month basis, with the exam window being live for 28 days. You’ll need to select your preferred month when you apply.

Click here to view the 2023 exam schedule

Click here to view the 2024 exam schedule

Resources and Support

  • Practitioner Membership Standard: IEMA memberships are based on competency standards. The Practitioner member standard outlines the learning outcomes, assessment criteria and prescribe content. When preparing for your exam and your written assessment, make sure you refer to each of the competencies. Download the Practitioner member standard.
  • Practice Exam Questions: To assist with your study and preparation, we have developed a set of practice questions for each version of the Practitioner exam. Download environmental practice questions or download sustainability practice questions.
  • Webinar: This webinar will discuss the competencies of a Practitioner member and the application process, as well as giving you hints and tips for achieving PIEMA.

Your Assessment Documents

  • Practitioner Assessment Guidance Document: We have developed a guidance document which includes example case studies to provide you with hints and tips for completing your assessment of competence. When crafting your written assessment, make sure you refer to this guidance document as well as the Practitioner member standard to ensure you cover all the competencies.
  • Practitioner Assessment Form: Once you have applied online and completed the exam if you’re required to, you will need to complete your written assessment of competence on the template we’ve created for you. This will help you structure your assessment.
  • Application Verification Form: When you’ve have completed your written assessment of competence, you will need to identify someone who can verify your account of what happened and the role you played, as written within your case studies. This form will need to be completed by your verifiers and sent back to IEMA.