Achieve the Gold Standard: Full Membership & Chartered Environmentalist

Do you have a wealth of experience in an environment or sustainability role, resolving complex sustainability issues, and driving change and transformation? You can apply for Full Membership and Chartered Environmentalist right away. Here’s how you start your application and ensure you’ve got all the information to prepare a successful submission.


Now that you are ready to apply for your new membership, it’s time to decide your route to MIEMA.

Full or Full with Chartered Environmentalist?

If you are working in a role which is largely focused on Environmental Management or similar, the dual accreditation of Full with Chartered Environmentalist (MIEMA CEnv) may be the best route for you.

If you work in a social or economic oriented role, you could explore your option of gaining CEnv status to decide whether it’s right for you (the assessment process is the same for either option). If you feel it’s an accreditation you don’t need then you are free to go ahead and apply for Full membership on its own.

*To be eligible for Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), you must be an Existing Full or Fellow IEMA member

Your Application Overview

Find out what to expect from the application process, how long it should take to complete, and what you will be required to do to complete it.

Resources and Support

We have created several resources to help you prepare your Full Membership (and Chartered Environmentalist) application. If you still do not feel ready to apply, we have some additional support services to help you reach your goals.