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Practitioner Standard

Different people like to learn in different ways which is why we offer two routes to achieving your PIEMA. If you already have the appropriate environment and sustainability knowledge then the direct route allows you to register for the exam with IEMA. If however you prefer a course that is delivered either in a classroom or through e-learning there is an approach to learning that works for you via an IEMA approved training partner.

Are you studying or have you completed within the last 3 years the NEBOSH diploma in Environmental Management? Then as soon as you pass or have your certificate you’ll be automatically eligible to fast track for practitioner membership. Both of these routes mean you are exempt from taking the IEMA Practitioner exam and on completion of your written assessment you can add PIEMA to your CV.

How to achieve

  • Certified course
  • Direct route

How much does it cost?

£270* Application fee and year 1 membership fee

£165 Annual renewal fee


IEMA Certified Course

We can prepare you with everything you need to know with our Certificate in Environmental Management. Delivered either in a classroom, through e-learning or workbased learning there is an approach to learning that works for you. CLICK HERE to find out more about the course and how you can book.

IEMA Direct Study

If you already have experience in an environment or sustainability role you can apply for Practitioner Membership directly with IEMA. This involves a one hour online multiple choice exam and a written assesment. Our Assessors will review your application and once they are happy you meet the Practitioner standard you will be free to use the PIEMA suffix. The first exam is scheduled to be available every month. You will be able to choose either an environment or sustainability version of the exam. CLICK HERE to complete the application form to register with us directly.

CLICK HERE to download the 2019 Exam Schedule

Please CLICK HERE to download the new Practitioner standard, which contains the learning outcomes, assessment criteria and prescribed content that you will need to know

Exam Practice Questions
To download the practice questions for the Practitioner Exam (Environment version) CLICK HERE
To download the practice questions for the Practitioner Exam (Sustainability version) CLICK HERE

Core Knowledge Reading List

IEMA’s membership standards require you to have an awareness of fundamentals of sustainability,business and governance. This document signposts you to a range of resources that will help you develop your knowledge in this area. You don’t need to read everything on the list, just look at the resources that are going to help plug gaps in your knowledge.- CLICK HERE

Practitoner membership renewal:

Renewing your PIEMA could not be easier. Simply log into MyIEMA, view and pay your invoice and confirm that you are continuing to adhere to your CPD commitment. You will then be able to carry on accessing all of your membership benefits

If you do need any assistance with your membership or your annual renewal, email us today.

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