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Join our growing community and help us influence government and decision-makers in organisations, which will place you at the heart of change. IEMA has a membership level for you, irrespective of what stage of your career you are at, what your environmental knowledge is or what sector you work in.

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IEMA's Membership levels

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Student Membership

Joining the leading professional body in the environment as a Student Member not only keeps you up to date​ with current environmental issues but more importantly supports your professional development for a career in environmental management and related fields.

Graduate Membership

You are at a critical point in your career journey and the decisions you make now will have an impact for many years to come. Deciding to join IEMA has to be one of the most straightforward.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is the ideal introductory level for those new to the environment- if you want to learn more, meet others working in similar and contrasting roles and lay foundations for future development.

Our professional membership levels

Access all of the features of IEMA membership, plus the professional recognition that will bring you rewards.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is the minimum professional status for anyone who has responsibility for environmental issues. With Associate status, you can earn professional recognition, grow your network and build your knowledge.

Full Membership

Are you experienced environment and sustainability professional who contributes most of their work time to the goal of sustainability? If you are, Full Membership is for you.

Fellow Membership

Join a select group of highly experienced and influential environment and sustainability professionals.


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Specialist Registers

IEMA’s Specialist Registers provide recognition, professional development and employment opportunities.

Environmental Auditor Register

Build your Environmental Auditing career with IEMA.

Environmental Impact Practitioners

Demonstrate that you are adequately qualified and experienced to deal with Environmental Impact Assessment issues.

Who are IEMA Members?

We are an extraordinary community of environment and sustainability practitioners with an ethos of sharing and a commitment to the development of modern business practices that deliver a sustainable economy.

We are lively, curious, engaged, passionate, occasionally argumentative but above all else professional. So we'll let them tell you what they do, what their membership means to them, and why you should join IEMA.