CIEEM, CIRIA and IEMA have published the UK’s first set of good practice principles on Biodiversity Net Gain. These Principles provide a framework for industry to help improve the UK’s biodiversity by contributing towards strategic priorities to conserve and enhance nature. They also provide a way for industry to show that projects followed good practice when seeking to achieve a biodiversity Net Gain.

This workshop will provide a short introduction to the principles and their rationale. It will then focus in on understanding and scoping the key challenges faced by professionals, industry and stakeholders in achieving developments that can deliver a biodiversity net gain.

This event is suitable for senior and experienced professionals, working in situations that can influence biodiversity outcomes in construction and development projects. It is a free session and open to members of IEMA, CIEEM and CIRIA. A set number of places have been reserved for members of each organisation.

The aims of this workshop are to explore and better understand the broad challenges in achieving biodiversity Net Gain in the UK. The workshop outcomes will feed into guidance being developed by CIEEM, CIRIA and IEMA in 2017 (guidance which will contain practical advice on implementing the Principles, definitions of key terms and case study examples)

Posted on Dec 09, 2016