In 2023 the Task Force for Nature Related Finance published their reporting framework. Understanding the impacts of an organisation on nature, as well as the nature that the organisation is dependent on, allows organisations to manage their risks and opportunities and benefit our natural environment.

The ‘TNFD’ is a framework for organisations to report their biodiversity impacts and dependencies. It is a tool for both understanding biodiversity and managing it. Defra were a co-funder in the creation of the TNFD framework.

No one person is responsible for identifying biodiversity impacts, reporting on them, and incorporating them into business decisions.

This webinar aims to explain where the TNFD reporting framework – as a tool for understanding and management biodiversity – and how it’s relevant to your job role, from analyst to decision maker.

This webinar aims to explain:

The context of the reporting framework including drivers for reporting nature and related policy

What the TNFD is – a very high level overview and lots of links to find out more information from guidance on collating information to sector-specific information

How TNFD relates to what you do in your role whether you’re an entry-level environmental sustainability or biodiversity or ecology professional to if you’re the C-suite Head of Operations, Risk and Finance

You’ll be interested in this webinar if you are:

Entry level in environmental sustainability including biodiversity and ecology - Early career/ graduate/ full time education

Specialist in environmental sustainability including biodiversity and ecology - Standard level roles in specialist fields

Managerial in environmental sustainability including biodiversity or risk management - Responsibility over subordinates/ team

Senior -  C-suite job titles and heads of departments including operations, sustainability, risk, finance

Speakers and organisations:

Dr Stephanie Hime at Little Blue Research has been helping companies to understand their environmental impacts over 15 years.

The TNFD are a market-led, science-based and government-supported global initiative with a focus on nature-related isues.

Chris Moss, Senior Consultant at Greengage Environmental and member of IEMA BANC Network Steering Group


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