In the UK, IEMA is leading action on Proportionate EIA, running the UK’s first Proportionate EIA Summit, in spring 2016, and launching the world’s national Proportionate EIA Strategy in July 2017.

Over time, EIA practice has become more complex as practitioners and stakeholders have improved their knowledge and professionalised their activities. While this has significantly improved the quality of EIA practices across the world, the outcome is not universally positive.

An increasing number of countries are now beginning to see examples of disproportionate EIA, which can make understanding the key environmental impacts of a proposed development difficult. It can also make the findings inaccessible to decision-makers and the public, and add undue delay for developers.

In the UK, IEMA is leading action on Proportionate EIA, which delivers assessments and reports that are both more effective and more efficient. In April 2016, IEMA ran the UK’s first Proportionate EIA Summit, engaging 13 different stakeholder groups. The outputs of which shaped IEMA’s work to develop the world’s first Proportionate EIA Strategy, focussing on how to systemically deliver more proportionate assessement and reporting in the UK. Download the Strategy here


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