IEMA is delighted to announce that our membership has grown to more than 20,000 professionals working in environment and sustainability roles growing by 30% since 2020, becoming one of the largest membership organisations within the sector.

It's especially poignant to celebrate this achievement during National Careers Week, as our members are at the centre of the sustainability agenda, connecting businesses and individuals across industries, sectors and borders. We are the global professional body for individuals and organisations working, studying and interested in actioning positive change within environment and sustainability. Our growth reinforces the value that our members place on a professional membership and the benefits that we offer.

From undergraduate to retirement, IEMA is there to support our members on every step of their journey, with access to continuing professional development, relevant news and content, best practice and up-to-date policy positions and influence. We train organisations and individuals to make the most environmentally sound choices in the work that they do. We help and support public and private sector organisations, governments and regulators to do the right thing when deciding on environmental and sustainability related initiatives, challenges and opportunities.

IEMA’s CEO Sarah Mukherjee MBE said:

“I’m thrilled to see just how many people value IEMA membership. When I talk to our members and hear about the work they’re doing, I know that we’re heading in the right direction for a more sustainable future, but we must do more. Equipping our members with cutting edge tools and knowledge is essential to tackle climate change and ensuring more people are encouraged to acquire green skills.”

IEMA works to influence public policy on environment and sustainability matters. We do this by drawing on the insights and experience of our members to ensure that what happens in practice influences the development of government policy, legislation, regulations and standards.


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