The IEMA Guide to Materials and Waste in Environmental Impact Assessment has been developed with the support of the IEMA Impact Assessment network. This is the first industry publication to offer guidance and recommendations for EIA practitioners and stakeholders concerned with the impacts and effects of materials and waste on the environment.

“The understanding of Sustainable Resource Management (SRM) has evolved considerably over the last decade within the Built Environment. This evolution has triggered the need for EIA practitioners responsible for the environmental assessment of materials and waste to become aware of the key principles associated to SRM and the circular economy, and ensure they apply a best practice approach to each developments so as to minimise potentially significant adverse effects”

(Marc Jourdan, IEMA Policy & Engagement Lead)

This guide is the result of an extensive project led by practitioners at WSP, AECOM and ATKINS, in collaboration with others across the industry and provides considerations for screening, scoping, consultation, assessment, and subsequent reporting and monitoring. It is an opportunity for EIA practitioners and stakeholders to use this guidance to inspire improved and more consistent practice in materials and waste assessment within the built environment, and further the transformation to sustainability.

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