On World Environment Day 2018, we are pleased to announced that we are eliminating the plastic wrap from every future delivery of our membership magazine.

As part of our mission to transform the world to sustainability, and our #PledgeLessPlastic campaign for World Environment Day 2018, we have made a commitment to cease sending TRANSFORM magazine in an oxydegradable polywrap with immediate effect.

From the July issue every member’s magazine will arrive free of all packaging. It will be distributed via a format called “naked mailing” which means there will be no plastic or paper used to wrap TRANSFORM from now on. Instead, the magazine will be bound with a single sticker to keep the pages closed in transit, and your address will be printed on the outside back page.

Other packaging options are available, however all present various environmental burdens, are prohibitively expensive or are at an experimental stage (e.g. sugar cane poly) and therefore supply is currently unsecure. IEMA has explored all options and made the brave choice to abolish all packaging immediately.

IEMA’s CEO Tim Balcon said this morning: ““I’d like to thank all members for their perseverance and inspiration. It’s been our ambition to eliminate the plastic wrap for some time, as we know it’s been inconsistent with our values. Encouragement from members helped us find a solution that goes beyond simply replacing the plastic with another material.”

“As we’ve eliminated all packaging, I think we’ve demonstrated the foresight and skills exemplified by IEMA members; tenacity, bravery, innovation, interrogating all the options and looking beyond what’s easy to find a solution which is right for the long term,” Balcon continued this morning.

IEMA has been examining alternative mailing options for some time, and the project to eliminate the plastic powered up in Spring 2018. We aimed to find the right long-term solution by World Environment Day so we could join our members in making a bold pledge to help beat plastic pollution.

The new “naked mailing” approach will be used from the July issue of TRANSFORM, due for publication on 1st July.

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