IEMA has welcomed today’s key Cabinet appointments to BIS, DECC, DCLG, Transport and Defra, but warned that each new Cabinet Minister must take a long-term view to avoid damaging the UK’s transition to a sustainable economy.

As Sajid Javid became Business Secretary, Amber Rudd was named as Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Greg Clark took up the role of Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Patrick McLoughlin was revealed as Transport Secretary and Liz Truss was re-appointed as Secretary of State for Environment, IEMA’s Policy & Engagement Lead Josh Fothergill commented:

“We are pleased to see the new appointments at BIS, DECC, DCLG, Transport and Defra confirmed this today. We expect to have a great deal of contact with the new Secretaries of State in these departments in consultations and policy developments.”

“Our Members will hope to see these five leaders accomplish a joined-up and long-term approach to issues that will continue to impact on the economy, the environment, businesses and UK citizens. This fresh start signifies a real opportunity to make that happen.”

As an example of IEMA’s engagement with Government on key issues, IEMA and Members are currently contributing to ongoing consultations on ‘Smarter Guidance’. This activity serves to remind Defra that GHG that reporting guidance plays an important role for businesses, challenging assumptions that removing guidance is a positive move while reiterating to Government that that its published guidance is in effect usually a shared investment, developed in collaboration (or at least with contributions) from industry and other stakeholders. In April 88% of Members said they strongly support the need for Government to maintain its role in providing ‘endorsed guidance’.

This advice echoes professionals’ wishes to see environment removed from short-term party politics. At the end of April – just one week ahead of the Election - IEMA Members said they want to see environment and sustainability issues to be addressed through cross-party support. They believe this approach could provide a more durable and effective policy landscape that supports businesses to transform into low carbon and resource efficient organisations. 93% of professionals polled strongly backed the concept of crucial environment and sustainability issues requiring cross-party support, similar to recent calls to remove the NHS from stop-start party politics.

Further to this, IEMA launched a Top Ten Sustainability Actions for the new Government in response to widespread concern around the lack of focus environment and sustainability issues had in the run up the General Election. IEMA revealed the ten step action plan last week after conducting a series polls with its 15,000 Members to identify critical issues for the next term of Parliament.