UK Shows Encouraging Growth in Latest ISO 14001 Data

The latest data on the uptake of the international Environmental Management System standard ISO 14001 shows that the number of certificates issued worldwide has exceeded the 300,000 mark for the first time. This increase comes just as the ballot on the Draft International Standard (DIS) on the revised version of ISO 14001 closes, ahead of expected implementation in 2015.

IEMA can report that the data it has seen from ISO shows a year-on-year increase of almost 17,000 certificates, between 2012’s total of 284,654 certificates and 2013’s figure of 301,647.

The UK is well-positioned in the league table of nations with the most number of certificates, sitting fourth in the list (shifting up one place in one year), just behind China, Italy and Japan. The UK is placed sixth in the top 10 countries for growth with a net increase of 996 certificates between 2012 and 2013.

IEMA’s Executive Director – Policy & Engagement and UK appointed expert to the ISO 14001 revision working group Martin Baxter says “It’s fantastic to see that the total number of ISO 14001 certificates has not only continued to grow year-on-year, but that the total figure has reached a real milestone of over 300,000 certificates worldwide. With less than one year to go before the new version of the standard is expected to be implemented, I expect to see a continued trajectory of growth”.

Martin Baxter will be presenting details of the revised ISO 14001 standard at a major EMS conference next week. IEMA’s ‘EMS National Forum: The Future of Environmental Management’ (sponsored by NQA and supported by RSK) takes place on Wednesday 26th November at the Crystal in London, and delegates can look forward to gaining insight on the revised standard and get details on the opportunities arising from the new requirements.


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