IEMA in partnership with the Landscape Institute has now launched the Third edition of the Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (GLVIA3).

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The revised guidance places greater emphasis on seeking collaboration in the assessment process. Additionally, it promotes much greater use of the professional’s judgement in effectively applying the most relevant principles and approaches, it sets out the specific context of the development and receiving environment. As such, GLVIA3 places the power of LVIA in the hands of those best-placed to deliver effective assessments.

Josh Fothergill welcomes the launch of GLVIA3, which he believes will “contribute to the achievement of IEMA’s vision for EIA practice; to deliver more proportionate EIAs that work for developers, communities and the environment.”

“For the first time, this key piece of guidance specifically recognises and references the crucial role of the EIA professional whose interpretive knowledge and skills help to ensure that landscape and visual assessments, undertaken within the EIA process, can be effectively integrated with the rest of the topic assessments in an Environmental Statement.”

“Ultimately, GLVIA3's increased emphasis on discussion and engagement with key stakeholders, should help to focus assessments on likely significant effects, improve the way cumulative effects are considered and reduce delays associated with further information requests.”

The guidance is now available for purchase from Amazon as a hardcover or on the Kindle.


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