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Issue 135 includes the usual news, interviews, briefings and these fascinating features

  • Sky’s the limit - Aviation accounts for only 2% of global emissions, but that proportion is set to soar. Paul Suff on how the sector aims to reduce its environmental impacts
  • The role of civil sanctions - Environment lawyers Angus Evers and Andrew Bryce give their verdict on civil penalties and the government’s plans to restrict their use to large firms
  • Counting statistically significant savings - the environmentalist reports on the projects that have helped the office for national statistics become a leader for sustainability within government
  • First, do no harm - The NHS produces more CO2 each year than the whole of Estonia. Becky Allen finds out how the service is planning to shrink its carbon footprint
  • Systems update: the e-EMS - Mark Hedges on why switching to an electronic version of an environment management system could help improve its integration into the business
  • Biodiversity and the bottom line - Environment management systems provide an ideal starting point to better understand biodiversity and its effect on profitability, says Matthew Walker

This month's IEMA updates include:

  • CEO Jan Chmiel thanks staff and members
  • Terry A’Hearn: new non-executive director
  • Webinar on proposed changes to ISO 14001
  • Policy update - Martin Baxter on the need for unity among government ministers
  • IEMA events
  • Bringing the skills map to members

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