Members still have time to take part an EU consultation on Sustainable Consumption & Production. Click to find out more.

Members currently have an opportunity to contribute to the shaping of the European Union's move towards sustainable development.

Sustainable consumption and production is a fundamental goal in the European Union's sustainable development plan. Because of this - and the fact that the Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production and Sustainable Industrial Policy (SCP AP) is being revised - the European Commission is running a consultation on delivering more sustainable consumption and production.

In reflection of this, IEMA is conducting a member survey which mirrors key areas of the EC consultation. We have focussed on issues relevant to environment professionals and organisations interested in the resource efficiency agenda.

Members will already have received an e-mail invitation to take part and can add their views on this issue by clicking on the survey link within the e-mail any time before the IEMA survey closes on Sunday 11th March.

The results from this survey will help to form IEMA's response to the EC's consultation and will feed into further work on resource efficiency IEMA will be conducting in 2012 so we hope that many informed IEMA members will take advantage of this chance to influence Europe's direction on this issue.


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