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'the environmentalist' Blogs

The online presence of IEMA's 'the environmentalist' magazine now features a blog area.

This new area will be regularly updated to include timely and subject-specific thoughts from from IEMA's Executive Director - Policy Martin Baxter and Editor of 'the environmentalist' Paul Suff among others.

Today's contribution from Sarah-Jayne Russell (Deputy Editor of 'the environmentalist') is entitled "Sustainability: it's in the balance" and Paul Suff asks if voluntary commitments to cutting carbon emissions might be more successful than holding out for a multilateral legally-binding follow-on from Kyoto in his piece "The voluntary approach".

Click on the Blog box at the top of this article to visit the new area and read the Blogs that have been posted so far. While you are there, why not take a look around 'the environmentalist' site and explore the subject areas that are of most interest to you?


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