Thanks to members for making "What do you value?" the most successful IEMA survey ever!

IEMA's latest round of research closed on Friday 4th March, achieving an impressive 2,912 responses.

This fantastic rate of participation is the largest that IEMA has ever experienced by individual response. The previous leader, the 2007 Salary Survey, achieved 2,759 responses (however its response rate of 29% was higher than the "value" survey's 22% because IEMA had approximately 3,000 fewer members in 2007).

The recent IEMA Practitioners' Survey 2010 gained 2,318 responses which demonstrates that more and more members are contributing to our surveys and research*. We hope this trend continues and that you choose to take part when you next see an invite from IEMA in your inbox.

IEMA would like to thank all of the 2,912 members who took the time to take part in this essential project. Your views and comments will now be used to help shape IEMA's future membership services. We will be letting all members know the outcome of the survey over the coming months.

*Look out for the Practitioners' Survey 2010 Supplement in the March issue of 'the environmentalist'.


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