Click through to read IEMA CEO's blog piece on the importance of mandatory carbon reporting.

"The more businesses that report on their GHG emissions, the greater the financial and carbon benefits." says Jan Chmiel in his comment article on the Guardian's Sustainable Business blog, published this week.

"Practicing professionals are clear that GHG reporting by businesses can make a unique contribution to overall energy and carbon reduction, to business competitiveness and in helping companies to adapt and prepare for the future green economy." he concludes in his second blog piece for the Guardian's Sustainable Business website.

The "practicing professionals" that Jan refers to are the 80% of IEMA members who told us in our 2010 survey into GHG management and reporting that mandatory reporting of GHG emissions should be introduced for companies as it can deliver significant benefits.

Jan's article and IEMA's ongoing policy and media work on this issue are only so strong because of members' contributions to our research. Together, our voice is stronger.

To read Jan's full Guardian Sustainable Business blog article click here.

A full copy of the GHG Management and Reporting Special Report can be found at the GHG pages .

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