Members could help inform Government's understanding of how business is working with the natural environment.

At the end of 2010, IEMA, in partnership with Defra, held a joint workshop to provide some of the Institute's senior environment and sustainability professionals with the opportunity to input into the business theme of Government's Natural Environment White Paper.

An outcome of the workshop was that practical examples of how businesses are considering and engaging with the natural environment are now needed to strengthen understanding of what support practitioners need to operate effectively in this area.

Case studies are an effective way to demonstrate the relationship between business and the natural environment, and to illustrate actions and learning that have been taken to make improvements. We are therefore keen to produce case studies with individual members and organisations who have considered resource use, bio-diversity, ecology, conservation, climate change, pollution and noise across many sectors of business and industry.

Those who work in energy, transport, infrastructure, mining, utilities and the public sector are of particular interest.

From these case studies, IEMA is aiming to establish what organisations are doing to work with the natural environment, how far into the future they are planning for, what are the expectations from consumers and stakeholders, what barriers they have encountered and what successes they've achieved. The role of the practitioner in all of these stages is very important so case studies from individuals are as welcome as corporate contributions.

Once produced, these case studies will be used to help Government better understand how business and the natural environment work together and inform IEMA?about the professional development and training needs arising from work in this area.

If you would like to support IEMA in this work area, please contact Katrina Pierce at mailto:[email protected] for more information.

Further details on IEMA's Natural Environment work with Defra, including notes from the joint workshop, can be found at IEMA's Natural Environment pages.


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