The G8 Climate Scorecards 2008, examining the climate performance of the G8 nations and five emerging economies, show that the UK is leading the G8 nations in achieving Kyoto targets but the group is moving too slowly overall in the race against climate change. The Scorecards, commissioned jointly by environmental organisation WWF and financial services provider Allianz, examine the climate performance against nine quantitative indicators, such as comparing past emission trends since 1990 and progress against the country's Kyoto target. It also scores performance on three specific policy areas: energy efficiency, renewable energy, and development of carbon markets. Dr Dan Barlow, Head of Policy at WWF Scotland said: "Three years on from the G8 summit at Gleneagles, this report shows that not nearly enough progress has been made by the world's most powerful nations on tackling climate change. There is a duty on them to do so, especially as they have disproportionately contributed to the problem." Leaders at the upcoming G8 Summit in Japan should commit to a binding long-term target for emission reductions of 80 per cent by 2050, and as close to 40 per cent as possible by 2020, the report states. The G8 should pledge financial and technology support for low carbon development and for adaptation measures that are measurable, reportable and verifiable, in developing countries.


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