A survey of diverse experts has concluded that the government must do more to lead the transition to low carbon transport. The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) - a partnership including over 300 leading organisations - conducted a wide-ranging survey of the opinions of its member representatives; experts on the subject of low carbon transport.

Key findings of the survey indicate that the government does not give enough priority to reducing transport emissions and is falling behind leading nations; only a minority (16%) believe the Government is giving sufficient priority to low carbon transport issues, compared to 72% who disagree. Only 4% believe the UK is a 'global leader', and 15% see the UK as a leader in Europe. In contrast, the majority believe that the UK is either an 'average performer' (49%) or lagging behind other countries (31%).

Greg Archer, the LowCVP Managing Director, commented: 'this survey of LowCVP members shows the need for Government to adopt a more strategic approach to reducing transport emissions'.


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