Now for the weather in July . . . 2080. The Met Office is predicting Mediterranean-style summers for Devon, a steamy 41C in London and the southeast, followed by winter storms and floods in northeastern towns such as Hull.

The UK Climate Impact Projections are part of a national study on how climate change might affect different parts of Britain.

They will suggest that while people living in London, the southeast and East Anglia could suffer a sharp decline in the quality of life, those living elsewhere could actually gain. Some parts of the West Country, such as the north Devon coast and Dartmoor, could be among the most desirable places in Britain, with Mediterranean-style summers and wet but warm winters. An insider at the environment department, which sponsored the research, said climate change would create winners and losers.

"London and East Anglia could get uncomfortably hot and dry in summers but the climate in north and southwest Britain could feel much nicer for many people."


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