A town in Gloucestershire will cut its carbon emissions by switching off up to half its street lights at night.

The decision to turn off street lights in Nailsworth follows successful trials in which between 30% and 50% of lights were converted from all-night to part-night operation. The street lights, excluding those on main traffic routes, will be turned off between midnight and 5.30am.

Gloucestershire council's cabinet member for environment, Councillor Stan Waddington, said: "This is a great example of real consultation and communities making their own decisions about what they want and need in their local area.

"We have worked very closely with parish councils who have signed up to the part night light programme and they have been able to identify which streetlights in their communities should remain operational all night and which ones could be included in trial.

"We have also taken advice from the police, who are fully in support of the initiative". Nailsworth's town mayor, Councillor Norman Kay, said: "Nailsworth Town Council is delighted that we shall be one of the first councils to benefit from this scheme. "Our community will gain from less light pollution, lesser impact on global warming, and it will help reduce costs to the council and therefore our council tax bills. We are reassured that safety will not be compromised".


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