Transport Minister Andrew Adonis is seeking opinions on proposals for taking a more cautious approach to biofuels, as part of the Government's response to concerns about the indirect environmental and social impacts of their production. The consultation proposes that: the rate of increase of the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) be slowed to 0.5% per annum, taking the level to 5% in 2013-14 rather than in 2010-11, as is currently the case; that two new eligible fuels - biobutanol and hydrogenated renewable diesel - are added to the list of renewable fuels eligible under the RTFO; the UK should continue to support the EU target of 10% renewable transport fuels by 2020, but this should be conditional on evidence showing that it is being delivered sustainably and without significant impacts on food prices; Government presses for the 10% target to be kept under regular review in the light of emerging evidence; the sustainability criteria for biofuels, currently being negotiated, should address indirect, as well as direct, effects on land use; efforts are made to establish international standards and controls, which reflect the international nature of the biofuels industry.