Energy infrastructure projects should be exempt from the community infrastructure levy (CIL) in favour of an "enhanced" section 106 system, the British Wind Energy Association has urged.

The CIL, proposed in the Planning Bill, will let councils charge developers for infrastructure not related to specific schemes. Charges will be based on requirements outlined in the local development framework, (Planning, 30 November 2007, p2).

BWEA director of programme strategy Chris Tomlinson said: “We are the very providers of the infrastructure that the CIL aims to support. We are not adding to the burden for infrastructure.

He added: “The onshore wind energy sector wants to offer local benefits but we would rather look at more relevant proposals, such as small wind turbines for local schools.”

The BWEA is consulting its members on how the current section 106 system could be enhanced and hopes to put a proposal to government within three months.