Further to last year's 'Turning Point or Tipping Point' Report, Ipsos MORI has recently published a new report suggesting that, whilst the public are concerned about climate change, they remain far from convinced about the science or the Government's green agenda.

The research highlights considerable public scepticism regarding the motivations behind green taxation but strong pubic support for greater investment in renewables in the UK, even if this increases prices for consumers. H

owever, the research does little to support suggestions of a consumer revolution; despite high levels of personal interest in climate change, the public do not consider individual action to tackle climate change a 'normal' thing in their area, nor do they believe that others are willing to make significant sacrifices for the environment.

There remains little evidence of systematic behaviour change as people see their responsibility largely in terms of 'doing their bit' with small steps like recyling and turning off lights at home, rather than contemplating significant or radical changes to their lifestyle.


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