It was not a good weekend to be stuck behind a lorry. From Bristol to Cheshire, truckers took to the road, applied the brakes and drove as slowly as possible, in convoy, in a glum protest against soaring diesel prices and a looming increase in fuel tax.

Normally, the green livery of Eddie Stobart would be among the most common sights driving up and down the M6, but not on Saturday, not during the go-slow, anyway. Stobart's lorries did not take part. It was, the company decided, not its battle. It doesn't see the point in demanding a postponement to the 2p fuel escalator tax, the protestors' primary demand.

“Gordon Brown stopping 2p for a year does not solve the issue,” Andrew Tinkler, the chief executive of Stobart Group, said. “We have to get to the bottom of why oil prices are soaring. The whole world has to get together to sort this out.”


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