As the world's second biggest energy producer, the paper says, China has a relatively strong foundation for energy production and supply. However, with a large population, the per-capita average of energy resources is very low.

The white paper promises more effort to improve energy use and generation with one key aim being to meet supplies for the domestic market.

Han Wenke, Director of Energy and Resources Department of NDRC said "As we can see in the white paper on energy, China has given high priority to sustainable development, and scientific development of its economy. These have been illustrated in the white paper. It indicates a shift of China's energy policy."

The paper says China is a responsible developing country and it attaches great importance to environmental protection and prevention of global climate change. Han Wenke said "China's energy development has been standing on a new stage. It has large resources. There will be further development. And China wants to be a responsible nation that means its development should be responsible for not only the Chinese people, but also the people of the world, and the earth as well."

It also reiterates that China poses no threat to energy security, and it will make great efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions, fight ecological destruction and environmental pollution.


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