Recently added to is a study by Salford University into aerodynamic modulation (AM) of wind turbine noise. The study has concluded that AM is not an issue for the UK's wind farm fleet.

This work assessed 133 operational wind projects across Britain and found that although the occurrence of AM cannot be fully predicted, the incidence of it from operational turbines is low. Out of all the working wind farms at the time of the study, there were four cases where AM appeared to be a factor.

Complaints have subsided for three out of these four sites, in one case as a result of remedial treatment in the form of a wind turbine control system. In the remaining case, which is a recent installation, investigations are ongoing. Based on these findings, Government does not consider there to be a compelling case for more work into AM and will not carry out any further research at this time; however it will continue to keep the issue under review.

A Government statement regarding the findings of the Salford University report into aerodynamic modulation has also been added to .


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