On 7 June 2007, prospective students concerned about the future of the planet will be able to access information on the environmental performance of all UK universities to help them choose where to study, thanks to a new green league table. Compiled by People & Planet, it will be published in the Times Higher Education Supplement to coincide with World Environment Day.

People & Planet's Green League 2007 will rank all 122 British universities awarding them with a First, 2:1, 2:2, Third, or Fail based on eight different environmental criteria, both policy and performance related. The EAUC welcomes People and Planet’s challenging and stimulating Green League.

Iain Patton, Executive Director, said “The table reflects the excellent practice demonstrated by universities but highlights the work still to be done in the sector. The EAUC supports institutions to embed sustainability into every aspect of their campus, curriculum and organisational culture. Vice chancellors and Principals, who do so, will take their rightful place as leaders and role models of sustainability in the UK. That said, such tables must be based on comparable data and the EAUC would question the use of the current EMS statistics as a primary source of table metrics. Government policy is increasingly demanding public reporting of performance and universities and colleges have much to gain by taking a proactive approach to designing, implementing and publicly reporting on comparable, standardised data.”


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