Europe's PVC industry recycled 82,800 tonnes of the plastic in 2006, more than twice the total in 2005 according to the sector's latest annual environmental report. More than half of the reported increase in recycling is attributable to a project called Recovinyl, says the Vinyl 2010 coalition. Recovinyl facilitates the recycling process by providing consumers with collection points and putting them in touch with recycling companies. The coalition's annual progress report reveals the biggest increase in recycling comes from rigid plastics like pipes and window frames. The amount of flexible PVC in roofing recycled also rose by 1,300 per cent compared with 2005. Vinyl 2010 is committed to recycling 200,000 tonnes of PVC by 2010. Last year it effectively diluted this target by extending it from the EU-15 to the EU-25. It is now further extending the target to cover the EU-27.


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