The public has been warned to avoid contact with water in the Firth of Forth after a "major" sewage spill. Pumping equipment at the Seafield Wastewater Treatment Plant in Leith failed at 1630 BST on Friday. A spokeswoman for Thames Water, which runs the plant, said 1,000 litres a second of partially diluted untreated sewage had been pumping into the Forth. The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (Sepa) said: "It's a major problem requiring a major solution." A spokesman said emergency measures to "minimize the risk of pollution" were being put in place. He added: "Everything that needs to be done is being done." Engineering works were expected to continue throughout the weekend. Thames Water said it had not shut the plant down as it deals with most of the capital's waste - from about 800,000 people. Environmental health officers with Edinburgh City Council advised anyone who uses waterfront recreational areas to avoid contact with the water.


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