The World Heritage Committee (WHC) looks set to reject a motion calling for cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. The WHC meeting in Lithuania heard evidence that 125 sites including the Himalayas and the Great Barrier Reef are at risk from climate change.

Countries which are members of the WHC are legally obliged to protect sites. Campaign groups say this can only be done by cutting emissions.

The Committee is due to make its decision on Monday. But a draft resolution circulated in advance of the vote suggests that delegates are likely to reject the motion. Environmental campaigners have reacted with frustration, and blamed the move on lobbying by governments opposed to restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions.

"We are extremely angry that the World Heritage Committee has not taken any meaningful action to protect some of the most important sites on Earth from climate change," said Peter Roderick, co-director of the Climate Justice Programme.

"They are good at drawing up wonderfully drafted documents, but the idea of actually doing anything seems to pose a problem. "The world is entitled to expect better from the Committee; bending over backwards as a result of fear of the US and Canada will tarnish its reputation."