On the Wednesday 31st May 2006, the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) welcomed its 10,000th member.

Russel Foster
Russel Foster announces
the news at the
2006 IEMA annual conference

Over the past few years membership of the IEMA has grown at an astounding rate, reflecting the growing importance and stature of environmental issues amongst organisations and individuals in the United Kingdom and beyond. At the turn of the millennium the IEMA had less than 5,000 members. This demonstrates the rapid growth of the organisation in the last six years.

IEMA Chief Executive Russell Foster is delighted to have reached such a milestone so quickly. He believes the IEMA is going from strength to strength, and said "This is a hugely significant milestone for our Institute, as it firmly puts the IEMA on the environmental map and I pay tribute to all the hard work, by our staff and supporters alike, whose combined efforts have helped us achieve this noteworthy membership figure in such a relatively short space of time - I'm delighted".

IEMA members come from all areas of the environmental sector, including consultancy, business, local authority and education establishments.

Members include specialists in Air, Water, Contaminated Land, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic Impact Assessment (SEA), Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Environmental Auditing, Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainability and Waste.

The IEMA has an overall aim to promote the goal of sustainable development, and provides members, both individual and corporate, with the knowledge and experience essential to achieving this goal. The IEMA aims to influence these individuals and organisations by equipping them with the necessary tools and skills to ensure that individuals, businesses, Government and society operate in a more sustainable manner.

To find out more about IEMA membership, and the different levels and services available, please click on the following link http://www.iema.net/