The need for introduction of environmental subjects in the formal education systems was defended on Tuesday at the third Congress on Environmental Education that started Monday in Turin (Italy).

The meeting that will go until Thursday, has as its motto "Educational Paths Towards Sustainability", and is being attended by more than a thousand people from various sectors of society, representing more than 100 countries of the world.

Among the topics on the agenda, the meeting is to tackle the relation between the media and environment in the promotion of government participation in the connections between the economy and ecology, and matters related to environmental ethics. The works have been divided into various panels, that will be delivered by people well versed in environmental education and by environmental officials that have started a research career.

At the opening session, on Monday, that was witnessed by relevant figures of the Italian political and academic affairs, Angolan deputy minister of Environment, Graciano Domingos, said the connections to be made between the paths of sustainability and environment, health, economy and communication are extremely important for the reduction of poverty.

The Angolan delegation intends to share its experience in environmental education obtained over the last ten years, seeking to get other contributions for the improvement of the environmental education and awareness programme. Organised by environmental officials from all around the world, the forum follows the UN`s declaration of the decade on education for sustainable development within 2005 and 2014, under UNESCO.

The event also intends to come up with a world community of environmental research and practice of environmental education and education for sustainable development. The congress is also to highlight and analyse the role of education in the training, information and environmental research towards the construction of a fair, democratic, participative and environment-friendly society.