Jean Lambert, London's Green MEP, today told taxi drivers in Hackney of the urgent need to upgrade their vehicles in order to improve London's failing air quality. Giving a keynote speech at the Licenced London Hackney Carriage Conference in Hackney Town Hall, Mrs Lambert warned of the hazards all Londoners' would face if Euro emission standards were not brought in.

In London's drive to combat climate change and global warming, over 15,000 London taxis will be required to comply to Euro 3 emission standards by July 2007. The changes introduce a new structure of options for taxi drivers across the capital but with London's air quality in breech of EU standards the new standards are welcomed by the Green MEP.

At the conference Jean explained how the EU standards are being used to require taxis to be made cleaner and greener; "London has the worst air quality in the UK so we should be supporting the Mayor's aim to raise our air quality." Jean has previously raised London's air quality problem with the European Commission after it was revealed that London broke the EU limit of 35 breaches at the end of May;

"The environment in which people live has a major affect on their health. Air quality is especially important for children, older people and those with asthma. Taxi drivers, in particular, are at risk spending long hours on the road. The EU rules can benefit the environment and people's health. It is important though, that we work with taxi drivers to make this a reality."

Jean urged taxi drivers to upgrade their vehicles to the highest possible standards they can afford and make London's fleet of taxis the cleanest, greenest in the world reinforcing this renowned symbol of London.


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