The Green Party is celebrating today's announcement that proposals to build wind turbines on the roof of the Town Hall were given planning permission.

'This is a very welcome initiative from the council,' said Adrian Oliver, Chair of Camden Green Party. Five turbines are to be built on the roof of Camden Town Hall Extension on Argyle Street, next to King's Cross station in the heart of London.

The turbines will make Camden the first Town Hall in the UK to have wind turbines. They will be used to provide power for up to 13 electric cars used by Camden Council staff, making them completely emission free. The turbines set an important precedent for the use of renewable energy sources, but Adrian Oliver was keen to emphasise, however, that the turbines are only a first step in the right direction.

If Camden is to reduce carbon emissions significantly, small-scale renewable energy generators must be adopted on a much wider scale. 'In terms of the journey we must take to sustainable living in Camden, this is one small step. It terms of where we are right now, it is one giant leap for us as a community,' said Adrian Oliver. However, the roof-top turbines do mark a significant move towards a sustainable future - 'They may well become iconic!' Adrian added.


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