Building on the ecological and sustainable ideals developed in Sydney and Athens, London's bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games was a bid for the most sustainable Games ever. As the government department for sustainable development, Defra helped promote the sustainable elements of London's bid, and is delighted that it has been successful.

London proposes:

a low carbon Games – to reduce the demand for energy and meet it from zero/low carbon and renewable sources;

and to showcase how the Olympic Games are adapting to a world increasingly affected by climate change a low waste Games - to avoid landfill by reducing waste at source, then reusing, recycling and recovering all remaining waste a biodiverse Games;

conserving natural habitats and wildlife, improving the quality of urban green space and bringing nature closer to people a showcase for sustainable transport by reducing the need for travel and providing sustainable alternatives to the private car a sustainable legacy from the Games;

promoting health and wellbeing through an integrated package of sporting, environmental and cultural initiatives

The London 2012 vision for the Olympic Games 2012 embodies the concept of a "One Planet Olympics", which complements the Olympic ideal of “sport and the harmonious development of mankind” and the notion of fair play in sport.