The Environment Agency is reminding all businesses that produce hazardous waste that they can now save themselves time and money by registering online. Under new regulations, any business in England and Wales that creates waste falling into one of a range of categories designated as �hazardous' may need to register with the Environment Agency.

Businesses are already able to register by telephone or by post. Now, simply by registering through the Environment Agency website, businesses could save themselves up to �10 a time. From 16 July 2005 new rules will mean that a range of everyday items such as flourescent tubes, computer monitors and TVs will be deemed to be hazardous. This means that many more businesses will now be subject to the regulations, and will need to change their practices and comply with the rules in order to dispose of their waste legally. Businesses that only produce small amounts of 'hazardous' waste, however, may qualify for an exemption from the need to register. Liz Parkes, Head of Waste Regulation at the Environment Agency said: "The new rules mean that more businesses out there will be producing hazardous waste. Many of them won't realise that some of the items they throw away everyday will, from July, be reclassified and will need to be managed carefully as they pose a risk to the environment and human health.

"These companies will need to register with the Environment Agency. If they don't, not only could they find themselves being prosecuted but also with a problem getting someone to take their waste away, as it will be an offence for anyone to handle it. The new online system makes it even easier and cheaper to register with the Environment Agency."

The online register and other useful information relating to the new rules can be found on the Environment Agency website. Businesses wishing to get advice on the Hazardous Waste Regulations or to register by phone or by post can do so by calling 08708 502858.


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