We are aware that some visitors and members are having difficulty downloading certain files from this site at certain times. Files get truncated (only half downloaded) and so appear corrupted when they are opened. Some users are also seeing an error message when this happens. The problems do seem to be intermitant - the files will download one day, but not the next.

We would like to get to the bottom of these problems, and to do so we need your help. If you have any trouble downloading a file from this site, whether it is a large publication or a small application form, could you please e-mail me, [email protected], with the details of the problem you are having. The particular the following would be helpful to include:

  • The time of the day you had the trouble downloading.
  • The file you were attempting to download (include the URL for the page the link was on).
  • The number of times you attempted to download; did it eventually work?
  • Any error messages you see.

Please mail your errors to [email protected]

Thankyou for your help.

-- Jason Judge (web admin)


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