REGISTER NOW for ET2004, the UK's largest environmental technology & management services exhibition, 30 March - 1 April 2004, NEC, Birmingham,

The UK's leading environmental event opens on the 30 March 2004 for three days only at the NEC Birmingham! Meet over 160 key suppliers serving the Water, Waste, Air, Energy and EMS sectors and see the latest technologies on the market, or get information and advice from one of the leading associations supporting ET. Attend a topical seminar or ask the high profile panel questions at the lively TalkBack debate chaired by Peter Hobday. Whatever you are looking for as an environmental professional, you are sure to be satisfied at ET2004. To order tickets please call the hotline number on 0870 429 4384

ET FREE Seminar

Tuesday 30 March 2004, Information Theatre, Main Hall
12.15 - 12.45 - EMS & performance improvement, IEMA

Martyn Cheesbrough, The Environment Agency - This seminar will provide delegates with an update on current work within this area being undertaken by the Environment Agency as part of the REMAS project.

REGISTER NOW for Environmental Management Forum (EMF), Realising the potential of effective environmental management, 30 March - 1 April 2004, NEC, Birmingham,

Are you the CEO, Director, Financial Director or Environmental Manager of your company? Is all the environmental responsibility for your company in your hands? If so, visit EMF on the 30 March - 1 April 2004 at the NEC Birmingham. For three days only, you have the chance to talk to the experts on everything from Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance to Sustainable Procurement Strategy and EMS Certification. Find out what new legislation will affect your business, plus hear leading industry figures speak on the latest issues at the conjoining conference supported by the IEMA and Environment Business Magazine. Why not also attend one of EMF's co-located shows, ET, ICU & NEMEX. To order tickets please call the hotline number on 0870 429 4384

EMF Conference

Wednesday 31 March 2004

SESSION ONE - Improving environmental performance through supply chain management and green product design

Time: 10.30 Cost: �65 + VAT

Chair: Rob Bell, Editor, Environment Business Magazine (EB)

Speaker: Barbara Morton, ESCF Co-ordinator, UMIST

  • Re-defining procurement needs and reducing environmental impact Driving environmental performance improvement through the specification process
  • Stimulating innovation through supply chain management
  • Procurement's role in supporting the development of new business models
  • Delivering resource efficiency through supply chain management. The implications for procurement and supply chain management professionals

Speaker: Claire Monkhouse, Research Information Officer, Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)

EU Drivers for Green Product Design

EU policy is increasingly important to UK businesses, and there is an increasing tendency for new measures to be directed at greener product design and producer responsibility. This session looks at the example of the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) Directive, which seeks to prevent WEEE and increase rates of reuse, recycling and recovery of waste, whilst improving the environmental performance of producers, distributors and consumers. Examples of new initiatives in the pipeline will also be reviewed, including Integrated Product Policy (IPP), the environmental technologies action plan and eco-design for energy using products.

SESSION 2 A - Emissions trading

Time: 14.30 Cost: �65 + VAT

  • Opening remarks by the Chair
  • Outline of the scheme
  • Carbon markets, policy implications and the future of the scheme
  • The Corporate Response
  • Managing Carbon Emissions: An Energy Manager's Response

As this session is run in conjunction with Nemex, the co-located energy show, tickets to the Emissions Trading session will also include free attendance at the following NEMEX conference sessions on 31 March: "Energy White Paper Update" and "Building Performance Directive". For more details on these and other sessions please log on to

SESSION 2 B - Corporate social responsibility in practice

Time: 14.30 Cost: �65 + VAT

Chair: Russell Foster, Chief Executive, IEMA

Speaker: Tim Pinder, Environmental Manager, RMC Materials Group plc

  • Developing and presenting the business case for corporate social responsibility
  • How to demonstrate to the board that implementing CSR measures necessary and profitable, covering areas such as competitive advantage, license to operate, bottom line cost savings and reputation

Speaker: Dr. Diana Montgomery, Group Head of Environment, Centrica plc

  • A practical session on implementation of CSR measures
  • How to take it from feel-good concept to real results in your organisation
  • Strategy, board and staff buy-in, overcoming scepticism

Networking Forum

Thursday 1 April 2004

SESSION 3 - The application of CSR information in the investment community: Investor relations

Time: 10.30 Cost: �65 + VAT

Chair: Rob Bell, Editor, Environment Business Magazine (EB)

Speaker: Rory Sullivan, Director, Investor Responsibility, Insight Investment, the asset manager of HBOS plc

  • What information are investors looking for and why?
  • How does this translate into the questions that are asked of business and the indicators required?
  • What is the difference between reporting and disclosure?

Speaker: TBA

  • How should a business deal with SRI analysts and green investment houses?
  • How can a company's CSR measures be turned to its advantage in the investment arena?
  • What information and how much should be presented?
  • Discuss the importance of making sure those responsible for directly dealing with investors? representatives are aware of environmental policy and successes


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