Have you got environmental and sustainable development news for our new national and international news service in 'the environmentalist' magazine. The stories can relate to people, policy, practice, products or performance. If so please send your news to the editor at mailto:[email protected]

We are planning a major change to the format of 'the environmentalist' magazine. A new national and international news section is to be introduced at the beginning of the magazine. The 'Institute News' and 'CEAM' sections will still be there but located towards the end of the magazine. This change is in response to a number of comments we've received over the last year to the effect that the opening pages of the magazine should have more general appeal. The changes are to be made in the April 2003 issue.

We would therefore be interested in receiving stories from you on a regular basis concerning the environment and sustainable development. The stories could relate to the publication of an environmental or social report, a change of job by one of our members, some new waste or recycling initiative, the implementation of an environmental management system, work in the community, or the effect of a particular piece of environmental legislation on your organisation, and so on.

'the environmentalist' allows you to get your news stories to over 7,500 environmental professionals.


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