IEMA has submitted a response to the Skidmore Review of Net Zero: call for evidence, calling for greater clarity and certainty in policy direction. Here, Chloë Fiddy, IEMA’s Policy and Engagement Lead for climate change sets out the key points from the submission.

The Review has the remit to ensure that delivering the net zero target does not place undue burdens on businesses or consumers.

It invites submissions on the challenges and opportunities that organisations are facing during the economic transition.

Despite the Review having been launched during Liz Truss’ tenure as Prime Minister, we hope that the new administration is able to effectively engage with the many representations that are no doubt being made and that collectively they can strengthen the UK’s Net Zero Strategy.

IEMA members gave consistent and clear responses.

The key barrier was inconsistent government messaging, with policies repeatedly being delayed or withdrawn. The costs of infrastructure for the transition were also raised as an issue.

However, it was emphasized that GDP has risen over 40% since 1990, while greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by a similar amount, demonstrating the clear link that can be made between economic growth and a net zero trajectory.

Links were also drawn between the output of goods and services that underlies our economy and the health and output of the biosphere.

Overall, responses show a promising picture of IEMA members being ready and willing to assist in the UK’s transition to a net zero economy.

Members call for mandatory transition plans, requirements for organisations to implement recommendations on energy efficiency, and for an acceleration in updates to building regulations.

In all instances, clear signals are sought from central government on the direction and pace of travel, and a commitment to invest in the green skills required to pool and consolidate talent in the UK.

The response also places a strong emphasis on export opportunities, building on the UK’s strong record of leading on technological development.

Download the IEMA response here

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Chloë Fiddy

Policy and Engagement Lead

Chloë is the Policy and Engagement lead for Climate Change and Energy at IEMA. She has previously worked in local government in climate change and development planning policy. With a remit to advise on the organisational and regional net zero transition, she had a strong focus on active travel, air quality and retrofit projects, and provided advice on renewable energy development. Chloë also has over a decade of experience in the manufacturing sector, championing and implementing sustainable production methods. She is a trustee on the board of Uttlesford Citizens Advice, overseeing local input into national research projects and is responsible for information assurance. In her spare time, she enjoys live music and cooking for family and friends.