Hello, my name is Chris Weston and I joined IEMA in July as Professional Standards Manager. I will be responsible for developing and maintaining IEMA’s professional standards, ensuring that our processes, practices, ethics and behaviours are consistent and adhered to by our members.  

I will also oversee the quality assurance of our internal and external processes relating to memberships, training, training partners, corporate partners and universities, ensuring we have a robust and consistent program of audits that will protect IEMA’s profile.  

Previously, I worked in the Digital Learning sector for over 15 years. I have held various roles in my career, but the majority of my time, I was responsible of the full end-to-end development process, quality assurance and maintenance of eLearning courses accessed by over a million of users, globally.  

My initial priorities are to oversee a ‘light-touch’ review of our competency framework and reviewing the existing quality assurance procedures for our certified and non-certified training material. Later down the line, I will be researching what new training solutions would benefit our members and the wider profession.  

I’m absolutely delighted to have joined IMEA, it gives me a great sense of pride to be working for such a fantastic organisation and I’m really looking forward to connecting to our members and our network. If anyone would like to reach out to discuss anything regarding our professional standards, quality assurance or if you would like to talk about new training material, please get in touch.


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