Sharing best practice between like-minded professionals is one of the cornerstones of membership with IEMA - whether that’s as an individual or an organisation – and this sharing of issues, ideas and initiatives helps all of us to feel less isolated when tackling the significant challenges the climate and ecological crisis presents.

Networking and collaboration is the second core benefit for IEMA's full corporate partners who, with IEMA's support, are looking to understand how other organisatons are developing and applying their environment and sustainability strategies.

In terms of opportunities for IEMA full corporate partners to meet with one another, IEMA offers almost 30 different networking events and sessions per year, including:

  • 5 x employer forum sessions per annum – a chance for our full partners to receive updates from IEMA, hear about the latest policy and legislation, hear from other corporate partners and discuss key issues.
  • 2 x corporate partner policy update sessions – an opportunity to hear from IEMA's policy team around the key issues that may impact organisations.
  • 20 x lunch and learn sessions – with a blend of presentations from other partners, networking opportunities and updates on initiatives that organisations can get involved in.

As part of this suite of benefits we also provide our full partners with the opportunity to engage with IEMA's wider team to help influence change in their organisation – whether that’s a discussion between IEMA's leadership team and theirs's, or a webinar / lunch and learn session to inspire their colleagues to engage with IEMA as a professional institute.

If you are an SME / small consultancy partner and you'd like to discuss upgrading please contact [email protected].

For our existing full partners, if have any questions please get in touch with your account manager today.

Photo of Alan 005
Alan Darby

Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager, IEMA

Alan leads on IEMA's relationships with our range of organisational partnerships – from micro SME’s and environmental consults to national and international enterprise partners. Alan has a background in marketing and communications and combined with extensive experience of managing effective partnerships is focussed on supporting IEMA’s growing number of corporate partners.


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