Developing, building and maintaining a competent and capable workforce has never been more important - especially when looking at our organisation from an environment and sustainability perspective.

Green skills are increasingly in demand, across all parts of the economy, and business leaders are looking to their environmental and sustainability professionals to ensure that you are building the right skills in your teams.

Workforce development is one of the core benefits for IEMA's large partners who, with IEMA's support, are looking to unlock the potential of the human capital in their organisations.

For professional development, IEMA large partners can access:

  • Support for building a baseline of competency with the Skills Gap Analysis tool – providing your professional members with a detailed view of their current skill and expertise – and importantly what they need to focus on to progress to the next level of membership
  • Support for creating a picture of competency across your entire team using our Team Assessment Matrix
  • IEMA membership introduction and lunch and learn sessions – to help guide your members through the process of applying and upgrading
  • Video content that guides your professionals through the process of becoming a Practitioner or Full and Chartered member with IEMA

For non-professional development, large partners can:

  • Become an accredited IEMA training centre (if you aren't already) - giving you the ability to deliver IEMA training courses to your entire workforce. This can support building wider awareness of environmental sustainability with colleagues who are key to supporting the successful implementation of your strategy.

For the entire workforce IEMA large partnership also offers:

  • A 25% discount on any NEW professional membership applications AND existing member upgrades.
  • A 50% discount on new AFFILIATE membership applications – ideal for your green teams and anyone looking to support your professional teams
  • AND
  • 10x complimentary Affiliate level memberships.

Make sure you making the very most of your IEMA partnership benefits.

If you are an SME / small consultancy partner and you'd like to discuss upgrading please contact corporate

For our existing large partners, if have any questions please get in touch with your account manager today.


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