The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) is inviting all members, current and future, to our first annual conference called IEMA Connect.

IEMA Connect will be held on Thursday 9th December and will take place entirely online using an innovative platform called Cvent.

IEMA decided to hold the conference because of the disconnect created by the pandemic, driving many of us to feel isolated from one another. As we all know, lots of offices have gone completely remote, including at IEMA HQ, so it’s more important than ever that we come together to find out what we’re doing in our varied professions and learn from our community.

IEMA Connect will host a wide range of speakers and events covering the whole sustainability profession, exclusively for IEMA members. Speakers include experts in the field of climate change, biodiversity and more who will be hosting a variety of keynote speeches and panel discussions. Attendees will be able to arrange one to one networking chats via self-selected interest areas on our Cvent conference platform.

Our excellent line up of speakers will be leading the way in terms of shaping the content of the conference, and themes that will be covered will include COP26, how to transform your business towards sustainability in the 2020s, green skills, community engagement and action, and COP15 (biodiversity COP).

We strongly encourage everyone both already in and thinking of joining the sustainability profession to come along and use our community of members to further your own careers and to learn from peers. IEMA is a broadchurch membership organisation covering students, recent graduates, established professionals, specialist experts, and everyone in between.

To attend our conference, you must be a member. You can become a member for as little as £131.50 per year (or £26 per year if you’re a student), and you can join as late as on the day of the conference and attend.

You can find full information about IEMA Connect here.


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