Crystal Doors recently won the award for 'Energy and Carbon Transition at our Sustainability Impact Awards. They have achieved carbon and energy transition at a pace no other UK business would believe is possible.

“2022 is too late” Richard Hagan says to become Carbon Neural, “I wish I had the money to pay for all the changes today”.

Richard Hagan owns the company and actioned a full assault to become carbon neutral within years with no single significant action, instead all stakeholders making lots of little changes. He stated that, personally, becoming carbon neutral along with his company, employees, stakeholders is not financially viable or possible. Richard has proven otherwise, reducing energy use by 75% from 2015 levels and today generating 75% energy required onsite. “Technology is available today, and our investment was half our yearly turnover, but did not affect cashflow” Richard says.

Crystal Doors is only an SME without deep pockets but has transformed to become sustainable, inspiring others to play their part for climate emergency. Richard’s journey shows outstanding commitment, strategic planning, and priority. “Pledge to become carbon neutral, then make it happen with absolute priority” Richard says to everyone he talks to.

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Richard Hagan

Leadership, innovation, and passion Richard Hagan pursued a single mission to become carbon neutral. Since Rochdale Council’s planning permission rejection five years ago, Richard has driven his company Crystal Doors with a radical strategy to become carbon neutral, prioritising environmental impact reductions. Carbon neutral by 2022, encouraging customers and suppliers to prove their reductions too or their accounts will close. IEMA has recognised an SME can achieve outstanding results when all stakeholders work together, without constraints. Richard’s Inspiring journey is a credit to his company and shows the world we can transform the world to sustainability.


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