As the impact of the Corona virus pandemic continues to build, IEMA are working hard to support you with ongoing guidance and advice. Our 'Adapting to COVID19' webinar series will be addressing the challenges faced by the environment & sustainability industry.

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Impact on Extended producer responsibility

This webinar explores the potential impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Extended Producer Responsibility in the UK, specifically Packaging, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Batteries regulations. Martin Hyde and Liz Wood from Comply Direct provide an update on the impacts of Covid- 19 on regulation, enforcement and evidence markets. CLICK HERE

#BUILDBACKBETTER- Critical insights to shape sustainable businesses and organisations 'post COVID'

The Covid crisis has shown the urgent need for a better economic model. Many Companies in a fight for survival, recognise the premise for change. How can sustainability professionals help this challenge? Mike Barry, former Director of Sustainable Business for Marks and Spencers, will outline his personal thought leadership for embedding change post Covid. This interactive session will also outline IEMA guidance and sustainability skills standards, to support help professionals. CLICK HERE

IEMA members share their experiences

In this webinar IEMA members shared their personal and professional experiences of dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. The webinar took the form of a panel discussion led by IEMA Fellow Marek Bidwell and will include members drawn from across the spectrum of IEMA disciplines and membership levels. Viewers are encouraged to join in using audio/visual as well as the usual chat function. CLICK HERE

Well-being for Remote Workers

This webinar explores the new pressures remote workers are now facing, and what can be done by workers and leaders to mitigate this. For many the current workplace, as well as society, has changed drastically in a very short space of time. This Webinar will give an up-to-date assessment of workplace mental health and what everybody can do to mitigate the current working environment. CLICK HERE

Remote Auditing

In this webinar, leading practitioners will share their experiences of conducting and being on the receiving end of remote audits, including during the COVID-19 crisis. This audit method is also of relevance to organisations working to reduce their carbon footprints. CLICK HERE

ISO 14001 Accredited Certification: Changes to surveillance audits and certificate renewal assessments during the pandemic

This webinar outlines changes to UKAS policy on accreditation and conformity assessment during the coronavirus pandemic and explores the challenges being faced by businesses to maintain ISO 14001 accredited certification. Martin Baxter, IEMA’s Chief Policy Advisor will host a Q&A discussion with Sunny Pawar, Group Environment and Sustainability Manager at First Group plc and Jeff Ruddle, Strategic Development Director at UKAS to address questions and queries from IEMA members – feel free to submit your questions when you register for the event and we’ll try to address as many as possible during the session- CLICK HERE

Managing Waste: Risks to collection and disposal services

This webinar explores the challenges being faced by the waste sector and the potential implications for businesses and households. In this session, Jacob Hayler, Executive Director at the Environmental Services Association (ESA) will outline the key issues and action that is being taken to tackle them and also participate in a Q&A discussion with Martin Baxter, IEMA’s Chief Policy Advisor. Feel free to submit your questions when you register for the event and we’ll try to address as many as possible during the session. CLICK HERE